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Published on 29 Apr 2018 / In News & Politics

10 Times People Tried To Escape

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Most of us probably would not be interested in a trip to North Korea, even if it was all expenses paid. However, some brave souls do venture there, and of course they can’t resist snapping a few photos to remember their trip. Since they are strict about everything else under the sun, it probably will not surprise you to learn that the government in North Korea has serious regulations about what sort of things you can photograph and share with the outside world. Some photographs have even resulted in the photographer being banned from North Korea as a result! In this video, we will show you 15 such photos that provide a shocking and candid view of daily life in North Korea. Unless they are at a huge parade, Kim Jong-un does not want people looking at his soldiers, and we can see why based on some of these photos. Several of them appear extremely underfed, and others were caught sleeping on the job. Getting around in North Korea is difficult, and we have a shot of a broken down bus with the passengers resorting to pushing it! Although maybe that is not such a bad thing, as we have also seen children playing right in the streets as if it is perfectly normal. Even soldiers have a tough time getting around, and you can also see them begging for rides on the highway. We will show you these secrets and many more, that Kim Jong-un would rather you not know.

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